Enay Coaching, LLC

Enay Coaching exists to provide business training and education to schools, businesses, and organizations to elevate teamwork-minded, purpose-focused engagement among the current and up-and-coming workforce. Our premier activity is the creation/deployment of Enay Coaching curriculum to optimize middle and high school Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) programs.
Our curriculum is centered around several proprietary concepts delivered via three primary vehicles Online & printable workbook lessons (classroom instruction and take-home projects for parental involvement), Video lessons (scenario-based problem solving exercises & career testimonials for classroom activity), Interactive games (proprietary games delivered in live presentations by our team; optional supplements to the curriculum)Our team visits classrooms to engage students with dynamic, highly interactive games and follow-up discussions that help the Foundation Skills concepts take deep root in their hearts. Games and simulations are the best way to learn lifelong lessons without lifelong consequences for bad choices. Teachers can opt for one-time visits to supplement our online curriculum, or follow all the way through a school year with culminating service projects on campus or in the community. The only limits are the timeframe and imagination of the students and teachers. If teachers identify students that need to catch up on core abilities in addition to our presentation content, they may refer those students to our math and reading tutoring services. Families of referred students contact us to enroll, and students begin moving forward in their academics according to the same principles we coach in schools.